WWE controversy
WWE’s upcoming Handicapped Match has drawn criticism from human rights advocates.

World Wrestling Entertainment’s intention to stage a so-called “handicapped match” between a paraplegic and man with cerebral palsy has been deemed “in terrible taste” by the American Association of Handicapped Persons (AAHP)

The AAHP has launched a campaign to prevent the scheduled bout between wheelchair-bound Elliott Jones and cerebral palsy sufferer Wade Bailey, even though each man has willingly consented to the match.

“This travesty in the name of so-called sports entertainment is an abomination,” reads a press release issued this morning by the AAHP. “This kind of exploitation of handicapable persons should be outlawed.”

WWE chairman Vince McMahon has not yet publicly responded to the criticism, aside from stating that “WWE gives the fans what they want.”

One-legged wrestler Zach Gowen is expected to return to WWE to challenge the winner.