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WWE Hall of Famer Donald Jennifer Trump (right) is thrice the superstar Biden could ever dream of being.

The fate of the United States lies in the balance tonight as WWE Hall of Famer Donald Trump goes head to head with some old loser who never even appeared on Sunday Night Heat, Joe Biden. 

Trump is clearly the odds-on favourite to win the debate, given that he has been given the highest position in the country — a spot in the Celebrity Wing of the WWE Hall of Fame — whereas Biden has only wrestled three times, more than seven years ago, for Cleveland independent promotion Absolute Intense Wrestling (AIW). 

“Biden didn’t even get a try-out for Tough Enough,” bragged Trump, and rightly so, given that Biden’s absence from the WWE Hall of Fame clearly makes him inferior in intellect and manliness.

According to documents obtained by Kayfabe News, Trump is also the superior businessman, having invested heavily in the WBF and ICO PRO and thus paying only $750 in taxes. 

Obviously, if one debater has been inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame and the other has not, it is hardly even a fair debate.

Mr. Trump, a bloviating narcissist and con artist akin to the greatest wrestling promoters of yesteryear and today, is clearly the odds-on favourite against Mr. Biden, who probably doesn’t even watch AEW, loser. 

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