wwe hall of fameAfter months of closure due to the pandemic, the WWE Hall of Fame will finally re-open its doors to tourists next week, but visitors who wish to tour the seven-storey facility will have to abide by a strict mask policy. 

“From now on, it is forbidden for any guest to touch the masks in the Lucha Libre Pavilion of the Hall of Fame,” reads the mask policy. “For the safety of all, the Mil Mascaras Mask Collection is currently off-limits to visitors.”

The WWE Hall of Fame is consistently ranked among “America’s Top 10 Tourist Destinations,” alongside Mount Rushmore and Badstreet USA, and has been called “the Louvre of North America.”

Under new health restrictions, a number of changes will affect how visitors experience the Hall of Fame, such as: 

  • The Bushwhackers’ Head-Licking Simulator is closed for deep cleaning.
  • The Green Mist Spewing Contest has been postponed until a vaccine is available
  • Visitors may no longer use Mankind’s original socks to perform mandible claws, but may use a pre-sterilized sock. 
  • The statue of Donald Trump has was removed from the Hall of Fame after one discerning tourists revealed that it was actually just a discarded piece of chewed-up orange bubble gum.

The WWE Hall of Fame is open Monday through Sunday, and is located two miles south of Exit 279 on I-95 (Directions)

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