wwe hall of fame 2013
This is what the sign on the WWE Hall of Fame would look like, if the Hall of Fame weren’t merely symbolic.

A recent poll conducted by a prominent publisher of travel guides has named the WWE Hall of Fame the “Best Imaginary Museum in the World.”

Lonely Planet’s Guide to Places That Don’t Actually Exist calls the WWE Hall of Fame “a captivating, fascinating and utterly symbolic figment that attracts millions of imaginary tourists every year.”

The poll ranked several other non-existent tourist attractions around the world, including Narnia, Fraggle Rock, the Lost City of Atlantis, Middle Earth and the Hundred Acre Wood.

The WWE Hall of Fame was noted for its “beautiful make-believe architecture, extensive displays of nonexistent memorabilia and tributes to the dozens of legendary professional wrestlers whose portraits would hang on the walls if there were actually any walls to hang stuff on.”

Bruno Sammartino, apparently unaware that his recently announced Hall of Fame induction is merely a symbolic accolade, has reportedly been struggling for days to find the Hall of Fame on Google Maps.