trump hall of famePresident-elect Donald J. Trump appears to be deepening his connections to World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) as his inauguration nears, this time vowing to build the long-awaited WWE Hall of Fame just blocks from the White House.

“It’s long overdue,” tweeted Trump, himself an inductee into the prestigious but imaginary institution.

“Believe me, it’s going to be beautiful — so beautiful,” he added. “The beauty will be unpresidented.”

Trump hinted that the Hall of Fame will be constructed of solid gold, have an entire wing dedicated to himself, and will be built entirely by the Mexicools.

trump tweet

Trump appears to be cozying up to WWE brass in the lead-up to his presidency, starting with the appointment of WWE matriarch Linda McMahon as Small Business Administrator, and Duke Droese as Secretary of Sanitation.

Insiders believe that Trump wants to associate himself with the bombastic charade of professional wrestling, since it’s the only thing that might make his presidency seem sensible by comparison.