WWE mogul Vince McMahon kicked off Smackdown last Friday — amid a tumultuous week of allegations of illicit affairs and hush money — by debuting a slogan that seems to urge fans to stay on his side: “Then. Now. Forever. Together.”

Immediately after unveiling the new slogan, which drew a tepid response from fans, McMahon tossed the microphone and non-strutted back to the locker room (area). 

Fans around the world were puzzled by McMahon’s statement, since the word “Together” comes off as a characteristically unsubtle McMahanian ploy to bend opinions to his will. 

A coalition of fans created an online petition that attracted more than 2 million signatures in favour of WWE adopting an alternate version of the motto: “Then. Now. Forever. But you’re on your own here, Vince.” 

WWE has not yet responded, but backstage sources reveal that the company is considering a even newer version. “Then. Now. Forever. Please don’t get us cancelled.”


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