Members of the so-called WWE Universe are hunkering down this weekend to prepare for Monday’s season premiere of Raw by binge-watching watching the entire series since its 1993 pilot.

Due to the intricate, multilayered narrative structure of Raw, fans who don’t bone-up on the show are bound to be utterly lost when the show returns to TV on Monday.

watching wwe raw
A fan tries to remember the genesis of the Becky Lynch-Sasha Banks feud by re-familiarizing himself with the Katie Vick storyline.

Frequently compared to Game of Thrones and The Wire, Monday Night Raw is considered a “televised epic novel” with dense subplots, rich characterizarions, and plot twists that nobody expects.

“There’s no way anyone can understand the full meaning of The Fiend’s back-story if they don’t first fully grasp the subtext of the choppy-choppy-your-pee-pee foreshadowing of Episode 37 Season Five,” writes journalist Dan Mutzler.

“To truly understand Monday’s season premiere, one should also re-watch every episode of Nitro, Thunder, Impact, and Ring Ka King.”

Although most fans are hoping to binge-watch every previous Raw this weekend, experts say watching all previous 1,374 episodes of the show would require more than 3,000 hours — roughly four months of nonstop viewing.



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