Goldberg lesnar rematch
The rematch that you never asked for is finally going to happen!

Fans of professional wrestling are abuzz with anticipation this week, eager to find out whether Bill Goldberg and Brock Lesnar will re-create a match-up that was almost universally shat upon more than a dozen years ago.

On tonight’s episode of Monday Night Raw, Bill Goldberg will answer Lesnar’s challenge, giving fans the rematch they unanimously have not been clamouring to see.

Lesnar and Goldberg last battled at WrestleMania XX — a roundly shat-upon showdown that drew angry jeers from fans and saw both men receive Stone Cold Stunners from special referee Steve Austin.

The negative reaction to that WrestleMania encounter was due to leaked news that both men would leave WWE after the match, which surely won’t happen this time because both men intend to perform nightly on the WWE house show circuit for years to come.