Royal Rumble predictions
Two patrons of The Ring Apron discuss the upcoming Royal Rumble with an equally enthusiastic waitress.

Executives from World Wrestling Entertainment’s advertising department recently made the remarkable discovery of a trendy, upscale restaurant where attractive men and women chatter excitedly about professional wrestling.

The restaurant — a chic gastropub in northern California called The Ring Apron — caters exclusively to good-looking young professionals who enjoy eating organic microgreens salads and talking about upcoming WWE pay-per-views.

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“It’s the only restaurant of its kind in the world,” said WWE Chief Marketing Officer Keith Kellerton.

“We were quite astonished to find it.”

Each night at The Ring Apron, well-groomed twentysomethings gather to flirt, laugh and discuss the possible results of upcoming wrestling events. Even the waitresses at The Ring Apron are wrestling enthusiasts, and will often chime in with their own well-informed insights about wrestling.

This is a stark contrast to every other bar/eatery in the world, where any conversation about wrestling is had between husky men with beer stains on their ragged nWo t-shirts and Buffalo wing sauce dried onto their facial stubble, and where waitresses invariably roll their eyes in disdain at the onscreen action.

Interestingly, none of the clientele at The Ring Apron — despite being avid wrestling fans — seemed to notice John Cena when he recently ate dinner at the restaurant.

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