austin bleeding
A WWE spokesperson said most fans “won’t even notice the blood is gone.”

In its ongoing efforts to be a more family-friendly and woke organization, World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) announced this morning that it will digitally edit its entire video library to eliminate all footage depicting blood.

WWE announced the self-censorship after signing a 10-year deal with Disney, which will feature G-rated entertainment (including a rumoured WrestleMania showdown between a live-action Roman Reigns and an animated Donald Duck). 

Some wrestling fans and pundits have criticized the move, however, claiming that removes much of the drama from many classic matches. 

Veteran wrestling journalist Dan Mutzler, for example, decried WWE’s strategy as “revisionist history” (even though he gave New Japan Pro Wrestling an unprecedented 11-Star review for removing all blood from its footage just last month). 

Of course, as everyone knows, the vast majority of “blood” in professional wrestling is everyday catsup, but occasionally accidents happen.

Henceforth, if a sports-entertainer begins bleeding for real (or is “busted open,” to use medical terminology), a match will be stopped immediately and refunds will be provided to fans. 



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