steel chair wwe World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) is once again under intense media scrutiny today after the release of a metallurgical analysis that revealed the steel content of its so-called “steel chairs” is negligibly low, causing some pundits to accuse the company of “false commentating.”

“The folding chairs described by WWE as ‘steel’ are primarily made of aluminum (92 percent), tin (6 percent), and copper (1 percent), with residual amounts of steel and tungsten,” reads the report.

The report is especially damning given the timing of its release — just one day after WWE Tables Ladders & Chairs, where the term “steel chair” was uttered 386 times (384 of which were by commentator Michael Cole).

Equally disturbing are other findings in the report about so-called “steel” ladders (97 percent aluminum), the “steel cage” (chrome-coated nickel and plastic twist-ties), the “steel” ring steps (magnesium) and the “steel” Money in the Bank briefcase (NERF).

An analysis of the “10 pounds of gold” — as the World Championship belt is nicknamed — reveals it is made entirely of melted-down Cryme Tyme bling.

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