Balls Mahoney WWE
According to rumors we just made up, Balls Mahoney (right) is returning to WWE for a major run.

According to online rumors started by this very article, World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) has signed veteran hardcore wrestler Balls Mahoney for a main-event program with Roman Reigns to culminate at SummerSlam.

Mahoney, who has not performed for WWE since 2008, could not be reached for comment — likely because nobody actually reached out to him for comment.

WWE is staying tight-lipped about the rumors, which makes sense given that the rumors are as groundless as most of the hearsay and outright fabrication that passes for wrestling “journalism” nowadays.

Reigns neither confirmed nor denied on Twitter that he is scheduled to enter a months-long program with Mahoney, but it’s safe to say that he would, if asked, strongly deny it.

So, is it possible that fans will see Roman Reigns versus Balls Mahoney at Summerslam?

Not really, but it would probably be more compelling than Roman Reigns versus Big Show, right?