wwe champions gameDozens of videogames have sought to replicate the in-ring excitement of professional wrestling over the decades, but critics unanimously agree that no game in history better simulates the battles of the squared circle better than the newly released “WWE Champions.”

Just like in the sports-entertainment battles of WWE, the action unfolds when players swap two adjacent gems in order to match three or more same-colored gems, thus creating energy for maneuvers and special attacks.

“I feel like I’m actually inside the ring,” said veteran wrestling journalist Dan Mutzler. “It gives me chills, reminding me of the time Hulk Hogan matched seven yellow gems to slam Andre the Giant.”

The game — which die-hard fans insist is “totally not Candy Crush for boys” — allows players to re-create classic matches from the past, such as when Ricky Steamboat matched aligned six red gems and seven yellow ones to defeat Randy Savage with a small-package.

In the past, games like WCW/nWo Revenge, Giant Gram, Fire Pro Wrestling, and The Simpsons Wrestling were lauded as the most realistic of the genre, but players now have a truly immersive, experience with WWE Champions.

The game is so realistic, in fact, that Dolph Ziggler can’t get a viable push, no matter how many coloured gems he aligns.