WWE league of nations
The League of Nations is WWE’s first-ever group of anti-American foreign heels.

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) has ventured into uncharted territory with the introduction this week of The League of Nations, a stable of anti-American foreigners.

“UNPRECEDENTED,” blares today’s New York Times, accompanied by the sub-headline, “Immigrant Wrestlers Join Forces: Is America Doomed?”

The faction — made up of Sheamus (Ireland), King Barrett (England), Alberto Del Rio (MexAmerica) and Rusev (Bulgaria and/or Russia) — is the first stable of foreign evildoers ever assembled in professional wrestling.

Until now, professional wrestling has always been a sport of pure athletic competition, unmarred by the nationalistic and political differences that divide humanity in the real world.

But with the formation of the League of Nations (or the “Mega-Axis of Super-Evil,” as President Barack Obama described them in a press conference today), WWE will now be microcosm of geopolitical biases, stereotypes and rivalries.

Typically, WWE would enlist “real American” hero [NAME REDACTED] to save the day, but in his absence, the company has instead re-hired Mr. America.