The Curb Stomp (left) and The Worm (right) are among the extremely dangerous moves banned by WWE.

Citing concerns for the safety of its performers, World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) announced today it has banned the use of numerous dangerous maneuvers including the Curb Stomp, the People’s Elbow, and the Worm.

A press release issued this afternoon from WWE’s Connecticut headquarters says the banned maneuvers “put WWE Superstars at extreme risk of concussion, broken bones, and/or great embarrassment.”

The Curb Stomp, popularized by Seth Rollins, is so devastatingly powerful that it can shatter cinderblocks; the People’s Elbow, a signature maneuver by The Rock, is considered a lethal weapon in 47 states.

The most dangerous move of all, The Worm, turned its originator, Scotty 2 Hotty, into the most feared combat athlete on Earth, and is believed to have the explosive force of a 200-megaton nuclear explosion.

WWE officials are reportedly considering banning other dangerous moves including the Five-Knuckle Shuffle, the Finger-Poke of Doom, and the Cobra.