WWE champion C.M. Punk supports the "Be A Star" anti-bullying campaign when he's not busy verbally and physically abusing others.

A public service announcement in which WWE superstars denounce bullying was immediately followed by two straight hours of bullying Monday.

“Don’t be a bully,” urged The Big Show in the 30-second announcement, shortly after which he punched Jinder Mahal upside the head for little discernable reason.

The Bella Twins, who said in unison that “no one likes a bully” during the PSA, launched an unprovoked verbal and physical attack against Kelly Kelly later on the same program.

Christian, who appeared sincere when telling viewers that there’s no excuse for bullying, later sneak-attacked his longtime foe Randy Orton, clobbering him on the back with a folding chair.

WWE is rumored to be creating a new series of public service announcements titled “The Dangers of Tanning” and “Inner Beauty: Why You Don’t Need Breast Implants.”