Smackdown raw
SmackRaw will feature some of the unsung heroes of wrestling’s yesteryear and today.

A press release issued today by World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) reveals that the sports-entertainment company will further subdivide its product into four brands: Raw, Smackdown, RawDown and SmackRaw.

“Two brands is, quite frankly, not enough anymore,” company Chairman Vince McMahon is quoted as saying. “Quite frankly, we hope to expand to 16 brands by the end of 2016, quite frankly.”

Added McMahon: “Quite frankly.”

According to the press release, the differentiation between brand rosters will be as follows:

  • Raw: All cruiserweights, NXT alumni, and Brock Lesnar twice annually
  • SmackDown: Everyone who has ever tagged with Chris Jericho
  • RawDown: second-generation wrestlers, third-generation wrestlers and, somewhat inexplicably, Viktor of The Ascension
  • SmackRaw: former TNA talent, people who walk slower than Randy Orton, people who have performed as The Undertaker’s druids

According to backstage rumors, new brands soon to be added to WWE’s portfolio include Nitro, Sunday Afternoon Impact, and The Kevin Owens Show 24/7.