Cena nose summerslam
In case you missed it the first few-hundred-thousand times it aired, here’s a picture of John Cena’s honker getting smushed.

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) achieved a television milestone this week when, during an episode of flagship program Monday Night Raw, it aired the landmark one-millionth replay of John Cena’s nose getting broken.

“Let’s take one more look at it,” said commentator Michael Cole, just mere moments after the 999,999th replay of the incident had aired.

The millionth replay showed an image that will now be burned into the collective unconscious of wrestling fans forever: Seth Rollins shattering Cena’s nose with his kinky dominatrix-like legwear.

Before the next commercial break, the slow-motion replay was aired nine more times, with a highlighted circle emphasizing where the impact happened (for the benefit of wrestling fans who don’t know where the nose resides).

WWE announced today the upcoming release a three-disc DVD/Blu-Ray box set called “The Shattering,” which will feature more than 12 hours of footage of Cena’s nose being broken.

According to one early review of the DVD set, it is “still far more interesting than the last DX box set.”