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Roman Reigns and Samoa Joe will compete in “The Greatest Samoan Showdown” at The Greatest Backlash.

After the rousing success of last Friday’s Greatest Royal Rumble in Saudi Arabia, World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) revealed today that, starting with The Greatest Backlash this weekend in New Jersey, every pay-per-view will be described as “The Greatest” of its kind.

Vince McMahon (Greatest Chairman of WWE) is expected to officially announce the news tonight on The Greatest Monday Night Raw, broadcast live from Montreal.

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According to a press release issued this morning, “From now on, every WWE pay-per-view, live event, and episode of Superstars will be the greatest — each one greater than the previous.”

Upcoming renamed events include:

  • The Greatest Money in the Bank
  • The Greatest Non-Televised House Show in Des Moines
  • ThE GrEAtesT NxT tAkeOVer: ReDEMpTIon
  • The Greatest, Most Extremest Rules
  • The Greatest Great Balls of Fire
  • The Greatest Autograph Signing by Heath Slater at a Denny’s Grand Opening Ever
  • The Greatest, Summeriest, Slammiest SummerSlam of All Time, Bar None

The only pay-per-view that will not adhere to the new naming convention is the Royal Rumble, which will become The Second-Greatest Royal Rumble After That Weird Saudi One.