Vince McMahon evil
Vincent Hussein McMahon is not the American patriot he pretends to be!

Although the liberal LAMEstream media is too brainwashed to report the TRUTH, the evidence is impossible to deny: World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) is nothing more than a propaganda vehicle whose sole purpose to help ISIS destroy America!

Sure, the puppetmaster Vince McMahon would have us BELIEVE that his “sports entertainment” empire is patriotic to the core, with its jingoistic “Tribute to the Troops” events and tearjerking montages to fallen American soldiers — but isn’t that EXACTLY what a terrorist traitor would do to cover his tracks?

Listen, Vincent HUSSEIN McMahon: we freedom-loving, God-fearing Americans won’t stand for your LIES anymore, so we are dropping these epic truth-bombs on your evil empire:

  • FACT: The WWE Network is a form subliminal mind-control designed to lull Americans into a state of unthinking, zombie-like complacency (how else can one explain the success of Total Divas?)
  • FACT: Current WWE backstage agent Sgt. Slaughter once turned his back on THESE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA by aligning himself with Saddam Hussein — and now this TRAITOR is pulling strings backstage?!
  • FACT: If you rearrange the letters in “sports entertainment” you get “a rotten sinner tempts” — which sounds to us like a motto for treason, don’t you think?
  • FACT: If you rearrange the letters of “Hunter Hearst Helmsley,” you get “Heel Leers a Hymn Truth” — clearly a hidden message about his evil, Godless intentions!
  • FACT: Where is Muhammad Hassan? Was he fired, or is he HIDING WITHIN WWE, AWAITING HIS CHANCE TO LAUNCH A SURPRISE ATTACK. And don’t forget about that little dust-devil Daivari.

Don’t say you haven’t been warned, WWE Universe. Also, Vince McMahon is a reptilian Illuminati overlord sent from planet Xephon9 to destroy Earth, but that’s almost too obvious to mention.

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