Bryan vs Cena
A match between John Cena and Daniel Bryan in the WWE 2K14 always has only one possible, ultra- realistic outcome: Bryan wins in three minutes.

The newly released video game WWE 2K14 has received critical acclaim for its graphics and controls, but many fans complain that it’s far more realistic than actual World Wrestling Entertainment programming.

The game, now available on XBox 360 and Playstation 3, features hard-hitting action and high-flying moves that are a little too crisp and convincing to be realistic representations of WWE events.

According to one reviewer, the new game offers “the kind of authentic action and believable dialogue that is all-too-absent from WWE programming.”

In the game, for instance, Ryback does not appear to be reading from a teleprompter during his promos, and Michael Cole does not mention the WWE app at wildly inopportune moments.

In the game, unlike at WWE events, Randy Orton walks to the ring at an acceptable pace, and the digital crowds aren’t dumb enough to chant “What?!”

In the most striking departure from typical WWE programming, John Cena can actually be pinned in the game.