Alt-Heel demonstrators show their hatred for babyfaces.

Divisive political forces and social tensions have led to the rise of pro wrestling’s so-called Alt-Heel movement — an especially nefarious strain of badguyism that advocates for the deportation of do-gooding babyfaces.

The rise of the Alt-Heel movement has spawned a slew of controversial, right-wing wrestling news sites, such as,, and, which have strong anti-babyface bias and a propagandist tone.

“Bleeding-heart Babyfaces Refuse to Rise for Volkoff’s Singing of Anthem,” blares one headline from Alt-Heel website Another reads: “Send Babyfaces Back to Parts Known.”

Although the Alt-Heel collective has no defined set of rules (and would break them anyway if the ref was distracted), its adherents seem to be guided by a set of core principles:

  • No matter what town they are in, its sports teams suck
  • Referees are always wrong
  • Handshakes are meant to be broken
  • The cheering of babyfaces can be muted by covering one’s ears in an exaggerated fasion and hollering “noo…. nooooo.”
  • Victory means everything, even if ill-gotten via a handful of tights, outside interference, or race-baiting

According to backstage sources at WWE, babyfaces have begun demanding “safe spaces” where they are sheltered from the badgering of the Alt-Heels.