Dermott absorbs and retains all wrestling knowledge.

Raymond Dermott, a 42-year-old autistic savant whose all-consuming obsession with professional wrestling has led family members to describe him as a “Rain Man,” has already watched all 107,832 hours of programming on the new WWE Network.

In the six days since the WWE Network launched, Dermott has forsaken food, water and sleep in order to view every single piece of footage on the video-streaming service.

Like Dustin Hoffman’s character in the 1988 Best Picture Oscar winner, who could read and retain all information in the phonebook, Dermott has memorized every match, promo and line of commentary on the WWE Network.

In order to consume all the content on the network, he played footage on a wall of more than a dozen TVs owned by his wealthy brother and caretaker, Lamborghini salesman Charlie Dermott.

“Yeah, yeah, definitely Barry Windham, yeah,” the savant mumbled to himself while waiting for the WWE Network to buffer.

“Windham beat Brad Armstrong, definitely Brad Armstrong, with the Iron Claw, yeah, definitely in the opening match of Clash of Champions: Miami Mayhem, 1988. Yeah, Windham was The Stalker in 1996. Beat Marc Mero in 1996, yeah.”

Dermott is the type of autistic genius that once would have been described as an “idiot savant.” Although he is mentally and socially childlike in many ways, the same can be said for most wrestling fans.