Wrestling journalist
Bruce Marshall of WrestleScoops.com took the unprecedented step of verifying information.

Fans of professional wrestling worldwide are in shock today after WrestleScoops.com, an online source of wrestling news and opinion, backed up a report with credible, fact-checked information.

In an article about the rumors that rocker Billy Corgan intends to purchase Total Non-Stop Action (TNA) Wrestling, the author actually contacted and quoted representatives of both Corgan and TNA.

The reporter who wrote the piece, a recent journalism school graduate named Bruce Marshall, took the unprecedented step of supporting statements in the article with proper attribution and fact-checking.

“I figured, hey, it’s not that hard to call a PR rep and ask for comment, right?” said Marshall. “It took, like, 10 extra minutes.”

It was the first known example of a professional wrestling news site delivering something known as “responsible journalism.”

Most other wrestling news sites, which have long relied on the practice of cutting-and-pasting unverified news from each other, are not expected to follow the example.