TNA wrestling
Bobby Roode is one of many TNA performers to spend more time talking about how wrestling matters than actually wrestling.

TNA wrestler Bobby Roode insisted several times that “Wrestling Matters” while delivering a 25-minute in-ring promo that opened Thursday’s episode of Impact Wrestling.

“In this company, wrestling matters,” Roode said while pacing the ring, ironically preventing any actual wrestling from occurring.

Roode’s impassioned promo was intended to reiterate TNA’s recent marketing campaign, which promises a less-talk-more-action brand of professional wrestling.

Roode’s monologue was followed by a pre-recorded video montage depicting a variety of TNA stars explaining why wrestling matters to them.

At 9:42 p.m., following another commercial break, Mickie James and Velvet Sky squared off in a three-minute match that ended indecisively due to outside interference.

An insurance commercial starring Matt Morgan occupied the next several minutes.