Tito ortiz wrestling
Tito Ortiz apparently exemplifies the “Wrestling Matters” slogan, somehow.

TNA Wrestling aired video vignette reiterating the company’s slogan, “Wrestling Matters,” immediately after the much-hyped debut of a washed-up mixed martial arts fighter.

“Wrestling matters,” says one wrestler after another in the video package, which aired two minutes before the debut of Tito Ortiz, a former cagefighter who has been arrested for domestic abuse against a porn star.

The “Wrestling Matters” promos have aired for months on TNA programming, but have never felt as superficial or hypocritical as when Ortiz was revealed to be the mystery man behind the #August1Warning storyline.

The arrival of Ortiz in the company came on the heels of the recent firing of many seasoned professional wrestlers, taking further credibility away from the “Wrestling Matters” slogan.

According to backstage sources, TNA is in the midst of creating “Wrestling Matters” promos for the upcoming TNA debuts of Tim Tebow, Alex Trebek and Honey Boo Boo.