michael cole wwe app
The weekly WWE App infomercial was unexpectedly interrupted by a wrestling match Monday.

Viewers of a three-hour informercial for the WWE smartphone app were surprised Monday when a wrestling match unexpectedly broke out.

The unusual occurrence happened halfway through Monday Night Raw — a popular weekly infomercial during which host Michael Cole urges viewers to download and frequently use the smartphone app.

After Cole urged viewers to utilize the app to vote in some meaningless poll, the audience was surprised to see a wrestling match pitting Kofi Kingston against Jack Swagger.

The live audience — which typically sits quietly, unentertained, while Cole delivers his sales pitch for the app — seemed to enjoy the unexpected turn of events.

Many home viewers were puzzled, however.

“A wrestling match?!” one viewer tweeted. “What does this have to do with the WWE App? #LessActionMoreTalk.”