Twilight Fans
Trisha Brubacher (third from left) dismisses professional wrestling as trash entertainment because it is too fake.

People who watch professional wrestling are “totally dumb” because it is “so fake,” insists 22-year-old Trisha Brubacher, a devoted fan of the vampire romance franchise Twilight.

Brubacher inadvertently watched several minutes of WWE Smackdown on Friday night after one of her four cats, Bella Swan, stepped on the remote control.

“This is lame,” Brubacher said as she pushed aside her New Moon blanket in search of the remote. “Some people will watch any garbage.”

Brubacher went on to criticize wrestling for having “silly storylines” and “unbelievable characters,” before finally locating her remote and restarting her Collectors Edition Blu-Ray of Eclipse, in which undead Riley Biers tries to create an army of newborn vampires, and Bella Swan must choose between her love for vampire Edward Cullen and her friendship with werewolf Jacob Black.

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