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Wrestling historian pretends to enjoy Hackenshmidt matches

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A image from the historic bout between Frank Gotch and Georg Hackenschmidt, which wrestling historian Rory Peterson pretends to enjoy.

Rory Peterson, a self-described wrestling historian from Dallas, tries desperately to make people believe he enjoys century-old matches featuring Georg Hackenschmidt, Frank Gotch and their ilk.

“This is professional wrestling as it was meant to be,” Petersen told Kayfabe News while pretending to relish a match that secretly bores him. “This is art.”

Gotch and Hackenschmidt squared off at Chicago’s Comisky Park in September 1911, in a match that Peterson likes to describe as “unrivaled, even a century later” — but was actually exceptionally dull by today’s standards.

Peterson’s friends have come to expect at least one “wrestling history lesson” whenever they come over to visit, though they dismiss it as pretentious bluster.

“He’s so full of crap,” says friend Steve Murphy. “I looked in his window once and he was watching Kelly Kelly versus Eve Torres, but when I knocked on the door he switched to grainy footage of those old farts” (See below).

Peterson also claims to love avant-garde free jazz, though his iPod reveals an affinity for Nickelback.

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