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Fans around the world believe WWE should have cancelled Crown Jewel, so they will make tsk-tsking sounds while watching it.

Thousands of fans of sports-entertainment worldwide have united in protest against WWE’s ongoing dealings with Saudi Arabia, and insist they will “boycott” the event by scowling disgustedly while watching the Crown Jewel pay-per-view.

The hashtag #BoycottCrownJewel has gained traction among fans who believe WWE should have pulled out of the scheduled event in Riyadh to protest the killing of a journalist, and those fans insist they will watch the event in a disgruntled manner.

“WWE should cut ties with the corrupt government of Saudi Arabia,” tweeted one fan, “but since they haven’t cut ties, I might as well watch Crown Jewel. I mean, I’m paying for the (WWE) Network already, right?”

WWE has faced criticism for going forward with Crown Jewel amid the controversy, although the company’s commentators have made everything much better and less weird by refusing to utter the words “Saudi Arabia” on air.

While more than 300,000 fans have signed a petition insisting they will boycott the show, ratings are expected to be higher than usual, and anticipation is already building for The Greatest Crown Jewel, to be held next month in North Korea.

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