Jaded fans of professional wrestling are growing increasingly irate about the never-ending “push” of Jinder Mahal, who has earned the nickname “Super Jinder” for seeming invincibility over all opponents. 

“Jinder hasn’t lost a match in, like, several weeks,” tweeted veteran wrestling journalist Dan Mutzler. 

Mahal has been on a winning streak since April 2017, and has become one of the most polarizing superstars in sports entertainment. 

While many fans continue to shout “Let’s go Jinder” in support of the Indian star, a growing contingent of beleaguered fans are retorting that “Jinder sucks.”

Although most fans respect Mahal’s tenacity and integrity — he has granted 320 Make-A-Wish requests this week alone, and will soon star in The Marine 9: Electric Boogaloo — they have grown weary of his status as an unbeatable hero. 

“Jinder needs to put over some younger talent,” wrote Mutzler. “Pete Dunne is ready for the WWE Championship — his time is now.”