Cancel Netflix
Disgruntled fans have decided to restrict their own access to programming they enjoy as a form of protest.

After watching a movie they didn’t particularly enjoy, thousands of wrestling fans took to social media to voice their displeasure, tweeting #CancelNetflix and calling for a widespread boycott of the online video-streaming service.

The irate fans launched their anti-Netflix campaign after watching Knucklehead, a puerile slapstick comedy starring  WWE Superstar Paul “Big Show” Wight in a role that fans feel he was “pushed” into too quickly.

Upset by shoddy writing, slapdash performances and all-too-predictable ending, the fans turned their collective  ire toward the video-steaming service on which they watched the film — not, as one would expect, on the writers, performers and producers that created the movie.

The vehement, misguided rage of the fans (or “WWE Universe,” as they have allowed themselves to become branded) bears striking similarities to the #CancelWWENetwork campaign that followed the widely unpopular 2015 Royal Rumble.

The most striking similarities between the two campaigns is that, despite the social media furor, only a tiny fraction of fans actually followed through on the threat of cancelling their video-streaming service account.