Self-professed “wrestling historian” Mark Ramsay admits he feels a sense of resentment toward his parents, Gladys and Harold Ramsay, for naming him Mark when he was born.

“They could have chosen anything else from the baby names book, but they picked Mark,” he lamented yesterday on his wrestling blog,

“My name may be Mark, but I am not a mark,” he said.

Ramsay has gone to great lengths to prove to his friends and his 72 Twitter followers that he has extensive knowledge about “the inner workings of the business,” as he likes to put it.

He invariably refers to WWE as “the Fed,” he uses the term “hood” instead of “mask,” and every year he insists that the number-one spot on the PWI 500 should have gone to some obscure wrestler from All-Japan Pro Wrestling.

For a few years, he insisted that people call him Marcus rather than Mark, but he put a stop to that when people started referring to him as Marcus Alexander Bagwell.

Though he has never admitted it publicly, sources close to Ramsay say he cried during Shawn Michaels “lost smile” speech.


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