WWE fans cosplay
Steven Henderson takes a selfie that he fears his friends might see.

Steven Henderson, a 31-year-old wrestling fan from Minneapolis, is struggling to summon the courage to admit to his closest friends that he genuinely and unironically enjoys the sports-entertaining of Roman Reigns.

Henderson is worried that his three closest friends — fellow male thirtysomethings who vehemently hate Reigns for reasons they have never fully explained — will ridicule or even abandon him if he confesses to enjoying the performance of a successful main-event WWE star.

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“I don’t understand why they hate Roman so much,” Henderson confided to his therapist while discussing whether he would “come out” to them during this weekend’s Backlash event.

“It’s almost as if they’re trying to prove something about their individualism or anti-establishment rebelliousness, which is weird because there are millions of other guys our age who also hate Roman, so it’s actually a kind of collective, non-rebellious, pro-establishment stance. But I dunno, maybe I’m the weird one.”

Henderson’s friends nearly shunned him five years ago when he admitted he liked The Miz, but those friends now all insist they’ve loved The Miz all along too.