Smug meme
Braden Miles somehow felt no shame or self-loathing after a smug, self-aggrandizing comment in an online wrestling forum.

Braden Miles, a 27-year-old wrestling fan from Chicago, strangely felt no shame after posting an insufferably smug, self-satisfied post in a forum discussion about CM Punk’s title reign.

Miles, who goes by the online handle of WRESTLECRITIC85, used his thesaurus four times while writing the post, which was peppered with “insider” wrestling jargon and implied that he was superior to all other users of the forum.

He apparently failed to realize that, by taking himself so seriously while writing about something as frivolous and inconsequential as a professional wrestling storyline, he made himself seem desperate and pitiable.

“Learn some wrestling history, guys,” he wrote in the forum.

“While your (sic) marking out for Phil Brooks, Vince and The Fed are manipulating your expectations by teasing a PPV double-heel-turn swerve. If you think Punk isn’t dropping the strap until ‘Mania, your (sic) clearly being played as the marks you are.”

Amazingly, after Miles hit the “submit” button to post the message to the forum, he felt neither a sense of crushing shame nor deep, simmering self-loathing.