Angels and Demons
Brady Graham reads Dan Brown's Angels & Demons, his first non-wrestling book, which he described as "a bit silly."

The publishing world achieved a major milestone this week when it was revealed that a fan of professional wrestling read an entire book that had nothing to do with wrestling.

Brady Graham, a 33-year-old wrestling fan from Minneapolis, recently read the popular Dan Brown thriller Angels & Demons, marking the first time a die-hard wrestling fan has made it all the way through a non-wrestling book.

Major publishing companies are encouraged, since the large market of wrestling fans has long been considered impenetrable to producers of anything but wrestlers’ memoirs and tell-all exposes of wrestling’s seedy underbelly.

Graham, whose personal library contains the collected works of Mick Foley, Chris Jericho, Bret Hart, Irv Muchnick, Greg Oliver, George Napolitano, Jerry Jarrett and countless other wrestling chroniclers, picked up Angels & Demons after being admonished by a friend to broaden his literary horizons.

“It wasn’t bad,” Graham said of the book.

“But the storyline was silly, the dialogue was awkward and the action scenes seemed kind of unbelievable. I think I’ll stick with wrestling from now on.”