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Cinema-goers nowadays are more ruthless than ECW fans in the early late 1990s.

A fan of professional sports-entertaining was ejected from a local cinema today after repeated complaints that he refused to stop chanting “You f**ked up!” during the blooper reel — a beloved “easter egg” following many comedy films. 

According to witnesses, the man started chanting obscenities during the closing credits at the premiere of The Marine 11: This Time It’s Her-sonal!, starring Nia Jax and other comedy legends. 

The fan hollered the accusation repeatedly — “You f**ed up, you f**ked up,” and so on — as the film’s gag reel depicted Nia Jax “corpsing” (breaking character) in hilariously off-script deleted scenes with co-stars Ricky Gervais, Julia Louis-Dreyfus and breakout comic-relief star Mark “Undertaker” Calaway. 

The fan was ejected from the cinema, and the entire debacle was recorded and sent to Maffew, thank goodness. 

[And special thanks to @JoshwaPalmer for the idea!]



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