wwe fansTodd McCutcheon, a 37-year-old former sandwich artist and avid fan of professional wrestling, has giddily embraced Chris Jericho’s popular taunt of “stupid idiot,” yet fails to acknowledge the sad irony in doing so.

“Stu-pid Id-iot,” McCutcheon chanted during a recent WWE event in his hometown of Topeka, while holding a sign he made — reading “Your Next” — upside down.

Thrice more he hollered “Stu-pid Id-iot,” not noticing that the beer he just purchased with his last seven dollars had spilled onto his seat.

Like many wrestling fans, McCutheon delights at critiquing wrestlers — calling them “lazy workers” that “can’t draw a dime” — yet spends every moment of his spare time watching those same wrestlers around the clock on the WWE Network.

McCutcheon frequently describes himself as a “smart mark,” though acquaintances insist he is only half-right.