wwe polls rigged
Credulous dupe Philip Hennessey doesn’t realize his vote in a WWE poll does nothing to affect the eventual outcome.

In an adorable display of naïvety, 23-year-old wrestling fan Philip Hennessey actually believes that his vote in an online poll via the WWE smartphone app actually counted for something.

Hennessey was excited to cast his vote during a recent episode of WWE Raw when fans were implored by commentator Michael Cole to vote on a stipulation for an upcoming match with the WWE App.

Hennessey chose the “dance-off” stipulation for a match between R-Truth and Antonio Cesaro, although it certainly wouldn’t have mattered if he picked “arm wrestling match” or “singing contest” instead.

Hennessey’s vote was, as any rational person knows, completely irrelevant due to the obvious rigging of the polls, but the credulous dupe felt great pride when the dance-off “won” in the voting.

What Hennessey didn’t realize, of course, is that WWE writers had chosen the dance-off stipulation several days earlier, and the other options were merely subterfuge.

All the so-called “votes” on the WWE App are, as most fans tacitly understand, are merely backhanded ways for WWE push advertising to smartphone users.