Undertaker entrance
Who could have seen this coming, aside from several roadies?

Wrestlers and commentators alike were dumbfounded by the surprise arrival at WWE event today by The Undertaker, whose appearance seems to have only been anticipated — as if by some supernatural psychic power — by Steve Lumbowski, the WWE sound engineer who cues up entrance music.

“Oh my God, what is The Deadman doing here?!” hollered an incredulous Michael Cole, who apparently was not informed through his headset that The Undertaker was in the building — which you’d think would be information he’d find valuable. “This is unbelievable!”

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The Undertaker’s shocking entrance interrupted a match between Roman Reigns and Samoa Joe, both of whom were utterly dumbfounded by the Phenom’s arrival, evidently having failed to notice a six-foot-ten mortician hanging around when they were all backstage just 10 minutes earlier.

Soundman Lumbowski, however, somehow seemed to know the exact moment The Undertaker was about to walk through the curtain, to ensure the eerie “gong” chimed right on time.

Despite Michael Cole’s insistence that “nobody expected this,” it seems WWE lighting engineer Ralph Diller somehow knew exactly when to dim the lights and start the smoke machine.