Cena Wife
John and Liz Cena during happier times, before the unprecedented break-up of their marriage.

In an unprecedented turn of events, the marriage of a professional wrestler has ended in divorce, sparking widespread shock and confusion.

Popular wrestler John Cena has reportedly split with his wife Liz, leaving many to wonder how such a disgraceful thing could have happened.

“WWE is a family-oriented company, and does not condone or endorse this shameful erosion of family values,” said WWE chairman Vince McMahon during a press conference this morning.

“This is the first divorce to ever occur within the wrestling industry, and we will take the appropriate measures to ensure it is the last.”

No one is quite sure how or why Cena’s marriage failed. Some pundits have speculated that Cena’s being on the road 330 days a year, living in hotels surrounded by beautiful female wrestlers and adoring fans in every city, might have something to do with it. Vince McMahon, however, dismissed such speculation as “ludicrous.”