worst tattoos
Sam Shaw mistakenly believed a jumbled “tribal” tattoo on his arm would express his individuality.

Rookie professional wrestler Sam Shaw, eager to assert his individuality in TNA Wrestling, got both his arms tattooed with large, black “tribal” patterns.

“Now I’ll really stand out from the crowd!” he said, proudly staring at his newly inked arms in the mirror.

“Nobody looks like this!”

Shaw admits he was “a bit disappointed” when he later discovered that the vast majority of wrestlers in the TNA locker room — and every wrestling locker room around the world — have virtually identical tattoos.

Spiked hair, a spray-on tan and douchey frat-boy facial expressions during photo shoots have also failed to make Shaw look even remotely unique.

In order to further differentiate himself, Shaw is considering getting more tattoos, such as a ring of barbed wire around his biceps, or perhaps a bunch of random Asian lettering on his chest.