cena smackdownProfessional wrestler John Cena, whose epic feud with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was predicated on verbal attacks about the former being a “part-timer,” returns to the ring tonight after an extended hiatus from in-ring action.

“I live and breathe this business, day-in and day-out,” Cena hollered into a microphone last October, just before leaving the company for a three months.

Cena’s legendary “Once in a Lifetime” bout(s) were predicated on the allegation that The Rock only returns to WWE to promote his movies, whereas Cena — who just filmed season 2 of American Grit — is a WWE lifer.

Cena is expected to give an impassioned speech to the WWE Universe tonight, and was spotted backstage writing crib notes on his wrist because he is a bit rusty.

A certain contingent of the audience (adult males of dubious hygiene) will, of course, still insist that “Cena sucks,” even though he embodies everything that made those same fans Hulkamaniacs several decades ago.