Nick gage teeth
Nick Gage (real name Nicolas Fuccin-Geige III) says he can’t stop smiling.

Although he portrays a tough guy in the world of deathmatch wrestling, Nick Gage is all smiles this week after receiving a new set of pearly whites thanks to the generosity of fans who donated to a crowdfunding campaign. 

More than $17,300 USD was raised in just four days via a GoFundMe campaign for Gage, donated largely by fans who enjoy copious amounts of blood but are grossed-out by the tunnel of jagged stalactites in Gage’s discoloured maw. 

Gage has often said in interviews that his life-long dream — and his reason for seeking fame and fortune in wrestling — is to one day be able to afford corrective dental surgery and pursue a career in modelling. 

He was so desperate that at one point, about a decade ago, he robbed a denture clinic, but was caught by police after keen-eyed wrestling fans spotted his unmistakable snaggle-toothed grin on security-camera footage. 

“I’ve found my smile,” said Gage. “I love my new, beautiful white teeth, and I can’t wait to stain them red when I bite Jon Moxley’s bloody forehead.”

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