In what is being described as an “unprecedented defensive maneuver,” Shelton Benjamin managed to proactively protect himself from opponent Randy Orton’s signature “RKO” maneuver by keeping a keen eye on nowhere.

Orton coiled like a snake for a moment before leaping into the air with his arms shaped in an “O” over his shoulder, but Benjamin dodged the attack because he saw it originating from the nowhere area.

RKO nowhere
Notice how Benjamin was already facing nowhere? Brilliant.

Orton, stunned that his maneuver was spotted emerging from its usual hiding place in nowhere, could not break free from the small package Benjamin folded him into for a three count.

In a post-match interview Benjamin explained his defence: “Well, I have seen Randy Orton wrestle many times before, and I noticed that his RKOs usually come outta nowhere,” he said. “So I just paid attention to nowhere the whole time.”

Orton is reportedly considering switching the location of his potential RKOs from nowhere to not-quite-here.



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