WrestleMania long
Fireworks herald the conclusion of WrestleMania, which felt like it was over before it even got rolling.

Fans of professional wrestling worldwide are abuzz after last night’s WrestleMania spectacular, but one question seems to be on everyone’s mind: was the event long enough?

Clocking in at a paltry six hours, WrestleMania left many fans feeling shortchanged, wondering why WWE hurried the event into a frantic, blink-and-you’ll-miss-it affair. 

“I went to the bathroom during the battle royal, and by the time I got back to the TV the event was over,” complained one fan in an online wrestling forum. “Mind you, I have profound gastrointestinal maladies, but still.”

Social media was flooded with complains from viewers who felt the event was over too quickly, with tweets including:

  • “Why wasn’t Roman Reigns given more time to celebrate his victory?”
  • “Only 10 minutes of Flo Rida and those other musical impresarios? You wouldn’t rush Mozart like that!”
  • “Randy Orton sprinted to the ring. What was the hurry?”
  • “Not enough commercials.”
  • “Who were those Hardee Brothers, and why did they get to be in the ladder match? Waste of time.”

Fans are practically unanimous in the sentiment that six hours is barely enough to whet the palate, and that next year’s WrestleMania event should unfold over at least nine days.