wrestlemania 34 battle royal
Yes, every single WWE superstar on the roster appears on WrestleMania — but is that enough?

WrestleMania is the grandest sports-entertainment spectacular of the year, but Sunday’s blink-and-you’ll-miss-it incarnation of the event left many fans wondering if its duration is just too short.

At a mere eight hours — counting pre-show, pre-pre-show, show, post-show, and post-show-recap-show — WrestleMania is a fleeting moment in time that, for some fans, requires only three bathroom breaks and one mid-show nap.

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Like a Mike Tyson fight in the 1980s, WrestleMania often seems to be over before it starts.

While the event does allow WWE to showcase every single member of its roster — and many inactive members, and even Kid Rock for some goddamn reason — it feels like there’s barely enough time to do so.

Could WWE add more musical acts, recap vignettes, Snickers commercials and backstage skits? We think they should, because it all feels so rushed.

John Cena, for instance, is one of the most famous WWE superstars in history, but even he only logged 2 minutes and 45 seconds of actual in-ring competition. Same goes for another legend, the Undertaker. What a shame.

A coalition of fans has launched a petition lobbying that WrestleMania be extended to “at least 12 hours” to ensure they get their money’s worth each year, and to guarantee that more screen-time is devoted to superstars who deserve a longer time in the spotlight, like Nicholas.

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