Undertaker WWE black
The Undertaker has worn black to all past WrestleManias, but some fashion experts predict he’ll add a splash of color this year.

WrestleMania is just around the corner, which means wrestling fans around the world are united in curiosity over the big question: what are the wrestlers going to wear?!

The Kayfabe News Fashion Patrol is on high alert for the latest trends in grappler chic, and we can guaran-gosh-darn-tee that the red carpet at WrestleMania will be brimming with glitz and glamor.

“Expect to see some eye-popping outfits on fashionistas like The Miz, Dolph Ziggler, and Braun Strowman,” says Kayfabe News Fashion Correspondent Rico Constantino.

“And Brock Lesnar is going to knock your socks off in a fabulous jade-bedazzled evening gown.”

As always, Kayfabe News will host its annual “WrestleMania Red Carpet Wins and Fails” special broadcast, showcasing the best fashion moments and worst faux pas as the wrestlers arrive for the big event.

Although speculation abounds that The Undertaker might step out of his comfort zone with an aquamarine-and-hot-pink mortician’s smock, sources close to the Deadman say he is sticking with boring old black.

“That man is a fashion train wreck,” says Rico. “The Undertaker should literally have a WrestleMania ‘streak’ by running through the stadium naked — because he dresses like a neanderthal.”