WrestleMania, a popular annual grappling competition, has been cancelled mere hours before it was slated to begin amid swirling rumors that some — perhaps even all — of the matches have been rigged with pre-determined outcomes. 

An anonymous whistleblower within World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), who asked to be identified only as Dolph Z., told the New York Times that “a significant number” of WrestleMania matches have been scripted such that the winners and losers are decided in advance. 

The allegations of unsportsmanlike match-rigging have sent shockwaves through the sporting world, and thousands of fans have taken to social media to voice their dismay. 

“Everyone knows that professional football and basketball are a scripted ‘work,’ but pro wrestling?” tweeted longtime wrestling journalist Dan Mutzler. “But this kind of  duplicity is unacceptable in professional wrestling.” 

Ticket-holders for WrestleMania — which was scheduled to be held in Los Angeles over two nights — have been informed there will be “no refunds.” 

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