wrestlemania 33 matches
Some wrestling pundits are wondering whether it is even worth having a WrestleMania without marquee like Cameron or Hornswoggle.

The so-called Internet Wrestling Community is abuzz with chatter this week as armchair bookers struggle to envision the next WrestleMania event without the likes of Alex Riley, Cameron, or El Torito.

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) recently released nearly a dozen marquee stars, sparking speculation that the company’s annual sports-entertainment spectacular is in jeopardy.

“The assumption was that we’d see Riley-versus-Lesnar and Hornswoggle-versus-Cena, but now those plans are out the window,” wrote veteran wrestling journalist Dan Mutzler in his Wrestling Conjecture Newsletter.

“And without (Damien) Sandow,” continued Mutzler, “is there really a point in having WrestleMania at all?”

The recent dismissals — and rumors of more to come, with names like Kevin Owens, Roman Reigns and The Undertaker reportedly on the chopping block — have led many to speculate that WWE is facing hard financial times.

Those rumors seemed to be substantiated this week when the company revealed that its corporate headquarters have moved from an office tower in Connecticut to a warehouse in rural Tennessee.